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Good news for lovers to meet online.

Tonight I went back to the dating site and not in order to find someone special but quite for a different purpose. Search for a life partner for me is no longer relevant. After several years in Mamba with over 9000 contacts and romantic dates, usually ended by physical closeness, I did find someone I’d like to see walking down the aisle toward me. This time I just needed somebody to go to the store in Kazan and send me a souvenir that I wanted to offer to my chalet neighbor, a native of Kazan. So I went to mamba, found a nice girl and got her to go to the store and send me a parcel to Switzerland, and that was absolutely for free.

Recently, we received news from the Apple Appstore

Precisely, after some serious waiting we got permission to publish our program Industrial Mamba for the iPhone.

Industrial mamba Premium

We should say that from the beginning we were questioning the need to write this program. In fact, writing programs for the iPhone is not such a profitable thing even for large and rich markets, such as Europe or the US, where the piracy is just pointless for the majority of the target audience. One should simply imagine the time required to search for a solution of a bug in the app, not being able to access the upgrades and new versions, without mentioning additional features and premium content in the application. Considering that the market of users is even more risky.

Most of the users are residents of Russia and other former Soviet countries, who, let’s face the truth, rarely buy applications to make life easier, they prefer to save pennies. What they don’t realize is that they are burning their time and miss interesting opportunities.

However, we had and still have a belief in the potential of this market. No matter how many esteemed customers value their time and prefer to operate efficiently. That’s why Industrial Mamba for the iPhone came out. And what is important, the price does not exceed the price of the existing programs for online dating.

At the same time, when we look at the price, what can we say? We can say the following: the cost of the program can be paid off with interest and often it does. Just compare the cost of a standard first date when you need to iron your shirt, clean your shoes, pay an expensive restaurant, with benefits of a beginning your relationship in Mamba – all you have to do is to purchase the Industrial Mamba application and follow our recommendations.

And here it is ready for sale

What gets the buyer of our program? He or she gets great features that one can’t find in the browser version of the site or in an existing application for iPhone for These options have been repeatedly requested by users, but have never been implemented for some unknown reasons.

Have you noticed that contrary to the usual social networks dating sites have this special feature: users do not keep their profile active for a long time? Usually people create interesting profile, then they meet the desired contact and remove their profile. As an owner of the Industrial mamba you will be able to save and access any time he wants the correspondence as well as the photographs of their correspondents in the form of web pages on your iPhone.

The app can also send all correspondence and photos to an email address of your choice.

And, most importantly, you get a very practical opportunity to search in chats with all correspondents.

What does it do:

• The first scenario. You meet an interesting person and you both decide to delete your profiles from the site. According to the rules, if within a month after the removal you do not restore your profile all your messages and photos are lost forever. Just think, would you like to keep your message history with a loved one, starting with the first one, after years of dating?

• The second scenario. For business or personal matters you are in a trip in another city or country, and you can not get online. Meanwhile you need to find an address or phone of the person with whom you had a nice talk. The info you need is somewhere in the correspondence. Industrial Mamba will help you with this.

• The third scenario. You want to find all email addresses that your correspondents ever gave you. Enter in the search field the @ and all messages containing an e-mail will be found!

• The fourth scenario. You would like to export a contact in your phone book and you need to find it in your message history.

• The fifth scenario. You are in a middle of a conversation and you want to find in your message history with other correspondents the response that once worked in a similar situation.

• The sixth scenario. You have written a phone number of a girl you’ve met on a but you do not remember who she is.

Tip: If a girl gives you the phone in a shortened format for example 765-18-12, confirm the number in a standard format here in the chat, it will save you time and help you find the message afterwards.

For example:

Mary: my number 765-18-12

Peter: Yeah in a mobile dial +74957651812 right?

• The seventh scenario. You love to show off your victories in mamba in front of your friends. However it is sometimes difficult to prove something especially if correspondence was long, and your contact has already deleted the profile. With Industrial Mamba it’s simple, you get all message history with your correspondent on your email box and just forward it to your friends.

• Eighth script. You are a pickup guru and lead a group of students. One of the pickup instruments you use is mamba. Industrial Mamba facilitates your task of making tutorials and distributing materials.

• Finally, suppose a situation where you are in your country but just can’t connect to For example, you have just achieved a data limit on the phone and you have to connect to the Internet through a corporate wi-fi but access to mamba is blocked. Again Industrial Mamba rules.

These are only nine most obvious scenarios where Industrial Mamba will help you succeed in online dating, make your dreams come true and arrange your personal life. But we do not stop there! The first 100 registered users will get from us, free of charge, a set of proven strategies and message examples that will guarantee your success in dating with

Perhaps, dear reader, you are in a situation I were some time ago. You are a busy man investing yourself in work and business. It felt like I had all the burdens of the office day on my shoulders. Purchase the application, you will make your search more efficient, 70 to 80 percent of unmarried men use the dating websites. Since one of the basic rules of pick-up says not to delay, you will receive exclusive offers and discounts if you answer right away!

Industrial mamba Lite

For those who would like to try out the app without making any investment right away, we will soon air a free version of the app – Industrial mamba Lite with some restricted features.


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