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25 metre center-fire pistol is one of the ISSF shooting events, and is normally a men-only event. Its origin lies in competitions with military-style service pistols, and as such its history dates back to the 19th century.

Here is the description of the rules of this  ISSF shooting event.

The application iHit aims to help capture the match results and calculate the points. When we decided to create this app, it becomes obvious that the fancy systems with target picture taking, optical recognition, spread and mean calculation etc are of no use for shooting events where the scoring are decided by arbiters. What is important is the fast capture of the score by hearing arbiter’s announcement and fast calculation of results. In addition we added the export by mail if the results needs to be communicated and processed by the event organizers.

The home screen  includes an option to choose a number of lanes and the type of the event. Many other events are now supported.

It prevents mistakes and helps to validate results announced by arbiter. It also permits to keep personal statistics.

It can be used by the arbiters or simply by shooting enthusiasts on shooting range and at home during training and matches.

With the latest version you can easily register the results of several lanes at the same time.

The interface of the iHit uses full iPhone GUI capability and is carefully  studied to allow capture and calculation of the results  as fast and as reliable as possible.

A button in the left corner allows you to disable all other buttons so you won’t change the results by mistake.

The results are also exposed lane by lane.

You can save the results of the match in your app. Or just prepare to a new match.

The history of the saved matches is in a permanent access. You can observe your progress time after time.

Moreover! The iHit allows you to send yours results to an email address of your choice.

Further ergonomics studies on the topic are under development.


The iHit Lite version is available as well. It contains ad banners.


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  1. iphone apps says:

    Remarkable Work, i enjoy the application! I ran across your application on the app store and Ill be putting it on my directory whenever I add my future updates. Hopefully you could get a couple of downloads from it.

  2. A Gillard says:

    Like the app, would be great if it also did standard pistol and free pistol.

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  4. admin says:

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