iBudget User’s Guide

With iBudget, manage your budget and control your expenses in a very simple and very clear way. You can use it to both your personal and professional budgets.
There is no need to have skills in accounting. iBudget software is developed with an interface that facilitates its use. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Keep up to date in real time, never exceed your budget and save time.
Create a list of categories (wallets): bank account, car, shopping, savings, etc..

Wallets tab allows you to quickly view your various categories and their positions. Through the columns you can see at a glance the initial budget and the previous balance (remains) of each category.
The application comes with a list of wallets (categories) but you can modify or delete these wallets (categories) and create your own categories. The different categories or wallets are your virtual wallets and expenses represent all your expenses.


You can quite simple at a glance verify all your expenses. Expenses displays the expenditures, the amount and date. You can choose to see all the expenses or just the expenses of one wallet (category). Expenses are deducted from the moment that you count them.


Determine the amount of budget allocated to each category (wallet).
Determine the allocation of budgets with the feature “Payday”: weekly, Bi-weekly, monthly, manual? It is up to you.


iBudget brings more:

  • You create your own categories and as much as you want
  • You have the balance for each category (wallet) in real time
  • You can transfer an amount from a wallet (category) to another
  • You know where, when and how you spent your money
  • You can add comments on expenditure


You can determine the allocation of budgets: weekly, Bi-weekly, monthly or manual. Validate by OK if you want to trigger payday and update the wallets. If not press cancel. At the end of the period you will receive an alert in order make a new allocation of budgets.



Wallets allows you to access the list of wallets (categories).
In front of each wallet (category), you have the budget and the previous balance.
You have the total of all the budgets and total of all the previous balances.
You set the budget at the moment you are creating the wallet (category), you can modify the budget allocated to a category at any time.

Create a wallet (category)

Click New. You can give a name to your wallet. Amount per pay period: you determine the budget for the wallet (category). Amount remaining this period: the balance, if there is any. Once all these fields filled register with Save. If not remove with Cancel.

Wallets’s list or (categories)

List: By pressing 1 time Enter you will see list. This feature allows you to see a list of all the wallets (categories).

Credit a wallet before the allocation period

You want to credit a single wallet or some wallets before the allocation period. It is very simple made a deposit.
Select Enter. Press the wallet (category) that you want to credit.
Click “spend” 1 time to select “Deposit”, enter the amount to credit
“comment” enter the reason or purpose for which you credit
.”Note: you can detail your deposit or comment it. When you finish editing, press Done.
“Wallet”: choose the wallet you want to credit
Confirm with Save or Cancel.
The wallet is credited immediately.

Transfers between wallets

You want to transfer all or part of a wallet to another?
Select the wallet
Click twice on “Spend”, “Transfer” appears
At the top you have “destination” and “choose a wallet ”
Click on “choose a wallet” to select the wallet you want to credit( will receive the transfer).
Enter the amount in front of “transfer”
“When” : the date is automatically displayed
“Note”: you can detail or comment on the subject of transfer. When you finish editing, press Done.
“Source”: choose the wallet you want to debit (from which you will take the amount).
Register with Save or Cancel to quit.

Suppose you have a wallet named “restaurant”, you go too often in restaurants and have exceeded the budget restaurant. Assume that the budget for the restaurant is 100 euros. When you done your accounts, you have exceeded the budget of 20 euros, you will see a negative balance of -20 euros.
You can then transfer 20 euros or more from another of your wallet to the restaurant’s wallet to have a positive balance.
The transfer will appear in expenses with the origin of the transfer from the current account, (for example) and destination to the restaurant with a different colour.


Edit a wallet

You can edit a wallet (category) this way:
Double press “Enter” you will see “Edit”.
Then click the wallet you want to edit.
Perform editing your wallet (category).
Once all the fields filled, register with Save.
Press cancel if you don’t want to save.

Erasing a wallet (category)

Press Enter twice. Edit appears. Select the wallet (category) that you want to delete by clicking below.
Once you have the wallet and its details.
To delete it press Remove.
Confirm the deletion of your wallet by pressing OK. Cancel cancels the deletion.
Register with Save.


Expenses you can see all your expenses or just the expenses of a single category.
For each expense, you have the objet, the amount and date of the expenditure.

Record an expense

Select “Enter.” Choose the wallet to be debited.
“Comment”: Enter here the purpose of the expenditure. For example Ibudget purchase.
“Spend” indicate the amount:19, 90 euros
When the date is automatically displayed but you can change it. Just press on it and make a choice.
Note: you can detail or comment on the purpose of the expenditure. When you finish editing, press Done. Example: Mathieu’s gift for his birthday.
Wallet: choose the wallet (category) that will be charged.
Click on the wallet that appears. You will have the list of wallets and choose the wallet you. Confirm with “choose.”
Register with Save. If not press Cancel.


Show expenses

ALL: all expenses are shown.
To see the spending of one wallet (category), press All; you can then select the category that interests you. Press choose. So you have the expenses of a single category that appear.

Details: click on a expense: between “all” and “show”, Details appears click on it to see the details of this expenditure.
The other feature is that “details” also allows you to modify the data on expenditure, the date, the amount, the wallet (category).

Show: This feature allows you to show or hide the transfers between wallets (categories). By enabling “hide transfers, all transfers are hidden by disabling it all transfers are visible in the expenses (costs).
Activate hide by a shift to the right and disable hide by a shift to the left then register with save. Cancel cancels the action.

Delete an expense

Select an expense: between “all” and “show”, Details appears click on it. The details of the expense appears, check “Remove” press on it, if you confirm with OK the expanse will be deleted. Register with Save.

With iBudget manage effectively, in a very simple way and real-time all your budgets:
No more envelopes needed
No more risk of loss
No more budget exceeded

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