iBudget for Android

iBudget now lives on Android!

The iBudget is The application that allows to use an old system to tame spending. It uses an envelope method to help those unable to track disposable income. The people whose moneys frequently go down the tubes regardless how much they are making. Set up the wallets, put the necessary budget for a period and enter every cent spent. When the period is not yet finished and your budget “Dining” is low, you avoid eating out to a restaurant, and buy a sandwich, that is it… Easy, yet efficient. Experience shows that average people economize the amount spent on this software in a couple of days.

Actually, the value of iBudget nvlops is far superior to its price. It is not a game with cool graphics, and sounds. If you have got spending problem then adopting iBudget is an investment with a break even achieved and ROI at the end of the day. It just solves your problems. It is a veritable panacea. The functionality and interface are frugal and restricted by design. You do not want a bloat ware difficult to learn and complex to use. You do not want to procrastinate by forgetting to use it every day.

You can start, use it during one week, then stop, then restart next week if the cure is not completed.
But by experience you will just love this program the day when you realize that you get something in savings account at the end of the pay period (generally a week) when you have been feeling broken before. It is just like getting your body six-pack visible after only one exercise.

You can download it here

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