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Tonight again I have been wasting my time to park my car. No I was not looking for a free place turning around the house. I have got my legitimate parking place that I rent with my apartment. The problem is that it was occupied. I was out of town for couple of days and obviously one guy thought that since the parking spot was vacant the place became free public parking. I had to call him and ask to move. We recently received some good news from Apple Store, Windows Phone Marketplace, Google Play and Blackberry AppWorld.


BlackBerry AppWorld

At last, we have got permission to publish our new version of program Auto-CH software for BlackBerry Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.

I must say that at first we doubted the necessity of writing Auto-CH for all these platform. One of the main difficulties that frightens us is a huge variety of technologies and devices. Besides the experience of publishing our other program Kantoenligheist revealed that the process of submitting on each AppStore is long and thorny. However, we had and still have belief in the potential of this market, in spite of everything, many esteemed customers are loyal to the platform and wants to buy quality. So finally new Auto-CH has been released. And the price for different platforms is dropped down.

At the same time, when we look at the price what we can say?

Price trough magnifying glass

We can say the following: the cost of the purchase of the program can pay back and pays off handsomely. It provides descent return on investment. Imagine the situation: early in the morning you leave your home and find your car blocked on the parking lot.

Car blocked on parking lot

The thing is that same morning, you as a serious and productive individual must be at the office to present your project with the budget of gazillion francs to your valued customers. And here you are risking to loose your one-of-a-kind career opportunity because of some neighbor student who’s invited his restless friends to a party the day before, so they got drunk and stayed for the night.

Alcohol bottles

On the eve they abandoned their car anywhere counting on leaving before dawn, and that “anywhere” turned out to be just in front of your garage.

Voiture mal garee

And now, having overcome the frustration, you are standing next to your car and silently scream.

Think again. Do 7 francs worth the possibility to prevent such a catastrophe, the possibility to dial right away the car owner’s number and leave on time for work? It’s just half a beer, or if you do not drink alcohol, only about quarter of the cost of ski boots rental for 1 day. And what about another situation. You drive in your corporate parking lot, you take place, and see that just next to you stands a…

Beautiful classic car whose lights are on.

You launch Auto-CH, capture the plate number: cheers, the name was found, but it so happened that the phone can not be found. Annoyance? Not at all, knowing the name you are looking for it in your corporate Outlook Adress Book and.. the man was found! It turns out it is your boss’s superior, collector of classic cars.

Buy this program. It sizes more then megabyte. And it is not multimedia videos and images, but a high-tech and efficient source code that you can get in just one click. The research is provided for 26 cantons, 9 of them with direct access to the data via the Internet.

This offer was the first on each market for smartphones. The competitors simply did not exist.

Our company has hired the best programmers in the field of pervasive devices and ergonomics to create this application. Before the release of the final version we have created over a dozen prototypes, costed thousands francs. During the testing the software product has been started at least over 9000 times and all tests yielded positive results. We allocated hundreds of hours and thousands of francs for quality control and technical support, and you finally get at least one program on your phone that works for you and is extremely reliable in operation. The application contains a number of important and useful functions that helps the user to operate as efficiently as possible. One of the most useful features of the program is that it’s saving a record of any search attempt in a special register. That means that if you run the program, enter the number and discover that you are in roaming or otherwise with no Internet connection or you just can not send SMS, you will always be able to look-up the information about the attempt in the log and redo the search later. It should be noted that you purchase the program and also a notebook and a set of letter templates in Swiss German compliant to the subtleties of bureaucracy to be sent to the cantonal administration if necessary.

And that’s not all, if you buy the program before the end of the month you will get a version for one of the other platform for free.

And here’s another case. You are a motorist, actively using your car for travel no matter what. Even in the conditions that are not always favorable. So one day you’ll face some problems. It’s just inevitable. Such as a small parking place. The car parks nowadays are not numerous nor big enough. So the situation when you touch someone else’s car on the parking lot is only a matter of time. In this case it is important to quickly find out who owns this vehicle to try to resolve the situation amicably and as efficient as possible. Usually in such a case, you start to get nervous because at first there is no time to wait and then you do not know how to contact the person, especially if he does not respond on phone indicated in the business card left. You do not know what to do, you are helpless, as long as you do not have means to act by yourself.

Next time you stop at a traffic light

Think about this: one of my friends once stopped at the light, stood perfectly still and waited until it lights up green. Suddenly he felt a blow and crashed bumpers. Another car drove into his back. A raunchy boy went out waving his arms and crying “yes yes I am guilty, let’s sign the peace agreement”.

My friend did not step out of the car and began to rummage in the glove box searching for a peaceful regulation form. At this moment the witnesses left the crossroads passing on the green light and my friend was left alone with the offender. As soon as the raunchy boy saw the witnesses leave he jumped into his wreck and was gone. Of course, his numbers were fake.

What happens to you? You did a good job, bought your car and paid it’s insurance. Unfortunately careless idiots around you do not need to exert themselves. For them fake license plates and quickly leaving the accident scene is enough. You work hard to earn what you have and they steal it from you, think about it. We have the solution. Next time my friend will quickly enter the witnesses’ plate numbers in the Auto-CH search so that he can find their contacts later. At least he’ll have some evidence to bring to the police. Villain might be found in hot pursuit, and of course it will be much easier to explain the situation to the insurers.

Do you like to negotiate with your insurer being fully prepared?

We do not know what threatens our future, but as a rule the better for everyone is to be aware and prepared. It is safe to predict that the level of anxiety will increase generally. Therefore, we propose to prepare for it. When you see suspicious persons charging household items to a minivan parked in front of the house located in the neighborhood one of the best ways to deal with fear is to find out who owns the vehicle and what is the address of registration of it. If it is registered to a nearby address this certainly adds peace of mind and relieve you of the arrival of the police after the possible false call.

Do you want to get rid of unnecessary worry?

It is commonly admitted that the percentage of successful people to the rest of the population varies between 20 to 80, sometimes 10 to 90 and even 5 to 95. It is also known that very often the difference between these strata society comes only from the difference in their habits. Successful and effective people consciously incorporate into their life good habits. Running in the morning, switch turns when changing line and control of the environment. All positive habits that can be easily adopted but that will incommensurate favor in the future. Have a habit to write down numbers around your car when you leave it in the parking lot. This can be useful when looking for witnesses to a crime, or something else. Auto-CH allows you to save the list of the plate numbers, even without the need to search systematically.

Do you love to act without delay in order to achieve your goals?

Thousands of customers have purchased the program on the Android platform and Windows Phone and Apple iPhone iOS and we expect users of BlackBerry, professionals in their field, to show even more excitement, adoption and enthusiasm. Here’s what one of our customers say: In the past when I had a need to know the coordinates of the owners I wrote down numbers on paper and then searched at home through the sites of individual cantons. After searching the address I had to manually search for the phone number. This was accompanied by a constant frustration, when the first time I tried Auto-CH I was struck by the ease and convenience and most importantly the speed and timeliness of the information retrieval. Of course you need to have a special personality to buy useful applications that generate added value instead of games. Even if we are very selective when inviting people, we also realize that only five out of a hundred will respond.

Do you want to be among the chosen few?

But if you insist on the ability to do plate research without this program using standard, snail mail, paper catalogs, papyrus scrolls, and other artifacts of the ancient regime, that’s what you have to remember: At first you need to memorize the car number, write it down if more than 5 digits for reliability and do not forget the canton. Then you must remember to carefully fold the paper and put it where it will be easy to find when you’re at home. Such as the glove box. Then do not forget it there, because nothing motivates more then going at night in the rain or snow to the car to bring the paper there-forgotten.

Do you want to save yourself from the chill out and be able to stay in the warm room?

If for any reason you’re not happy with our product, we will refund your money in full. Our guarantee is twice as important because no one takes a commitment to do so, except us. If our program fails you, ask for a full refund and continue to enjoy it for free! We offer it because we are absolutely sure that you will get great benefits from its use. We assure you! You will receive a 100 percent refund for every centime you spend! This is as serious as cancer research. You want to return your money? The trial version of our program is under warranty. How can something free be under warranty? That is our promise. If you use the program, and will consider it as a waste of time, just email us with the address specified during the registration. It’s your choice, we can send you via paypal CHF 1 or donate CHF 2 to charity.

Do you want to enjoy free warranty?

Since dozens of people download the product every day, we run the risk of a hundred thousands. This is normal and based on the quality of the product we can afford it. I bet on your honesty of BlackBerry enthusiasts and professionals, I bet on the fact that if you do not agree to my suggestion you will find information on at least a few useful numbers for you to use in your business and everyday life. I hope you will find this beneficial. Do you like the honesty and professionalism?

Act now, order the program!


BlackBerry AppWorld

With Best Regards Abtimo SARL P.S. Remember, the sooner you adopt Auto-CH the faster you stop worrying and become stressless.

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