Auto-CH for Windows Phone

Auto-CH is the first available and the orignal idea from 2009 of useful Swiss application ever now lives on Windows Phone !  Auto-CH enables you to search for the owner of cars with a Swiss licenseplate.


  • Search & find the ownerdata of Swiss cars
  • Call the car-owner directly from within the application (for most cantons)
  • See directly where the car-owner lives. (for most cantons)
  • Store within the application your favourite licenseplates, including the owner data (for most cantons)
  • Store information rapidly captured on the go, in roaming, with no network or elsewhere when the search is impossible, with a possibility to reissue and rectify search later.


  • For fun
  • Annoyed by that slow car-driver ? Give him a call !!
  • See a dog in the car with locked windows in sunny day ? Call the master !!
  • Parked vehicle blocks your way ? Call the owner !! * Pleased by that respectful and polite driver ?Send him a postcard !!

You can download it here

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