iBudget v 1.4 available on AppStore

Crash related bugs fixed, small improvements in look and feel realized. On request of the users splash screen replaced with more neutral image.


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  1. debtfiee2010 says:

    I like it ★★★★ by debtfiee2010
    I purchased this app some lime ago and have wanted io write a review to help others decide if ihe cost of Ihe app was worfh it. Don’t let the tone of the writer of the app’s description put you off ( what’s with the Smith and Wesson comment’?) I used a Palm app (Quik Budget) for years and was looking for a similar app for my iPhone 3GS This is exactly what I was looking for. You set up your budget categories (“wallets”) and allocate your pay to each category (a la Dave Ramsey) You set the app to put your paycheck in each of your wallets weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or manually Your pay is automatically added to the envelope at your designated interval All you have to do is enter your expenses (and stick to your budget) The “Remains” shows how much is left in your wallet Tapping one button, you can enter expenses, show a list of your expenses, or edit the wallet Within a wallet, tapping the “spend” button, changes the button to “deposit” so you can easily add “found money” to a wallet Under the expense tab, you can easily view your expenses (or deposits) within a certain category You can also transfer between wallets and set up your wallets to automatically send the extra to savings if the amount of money goes over the budgeted amount (this feature is in “show” under expenses)
    I don’t like the picture that comes up when the app loads (a Hindu goddess or something’?) but it is only flashed briefly Note to developer—please remove the picture, it is very distracting and unnecessary in a budgeting application The app becomes more intuitive as you play around in it and the developer has a short guide on the Budget website Also, you cant set up sub-wallets, but this isn’t a deal breaker because it seems that you can set up as many wallets as you need Other than what I’ve noted, I rather like the app I use it in coniuction with BillMinder (they are both on my home screen) and I feel they work together very nicely When a fixed bill is due or paid (like the mortgage), I go into ibudget and subtract the money from the wallet For my flexible accounts ( food, toiletries, etc ) I subtract from the wallet as I spend the money I love knowing, at a glance, how much money I really have to spend at anytime in any budget category I hope this helps

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