iBudget v. 1.3 is available on Apple Appstore

In this new version Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Bahasa/Malay language (Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Malaysia Bahasa Melayu) translations added, preference page behavior updated.

We are proud to underline the value of iBudget nvlops that far superior to it’s price. It’s not a game with cool graphics, charts, sounds and interconnection magic. If you have got spending problem then adopting iBudget is an investment with a break even achieved and ROI at the end of the day. It just solves your problems. It’s a veritable panacea. The functionality and interface are frugal and restricted by design. You don’t want a bloatware difficult to learn and complex to use. You don’t want to procrastinate by forgetting to use it every day.

You can start, use it during one week, then stop, then restart next week if the cure is not completed.
But by experience you will just enjoy this program when you realize that you get something in savings account at the end of pay period ( generally a week) when you have been feeling broken before. It’s just like getting your body 6x pack visible after one exercise.


5 Responses to “iBudget v. 1.3 is available on Apple Appstore”

  1. Jim Chase says:

    I’ve been very thankful for this app. I used to use quick budget on a Palm Treo and I have been looking for an iPhone app that would do the same functions.

    Just a couple if suggestions for improvements. The app will frequently crash. This will typically happen when I perform a transfer (not everytime). Also, it would be nice to be able to change the font size to something a little larger. And, it would be nice to have the Comment field auto capitalize the first charactor like the Notes field. Lastly, I often enter the same data in the comment field. It would speed up entries if suggestions were offered as I started typing in this field.

    Just some thoughts. Thanks for writing this app.
    I plan on leaving a positive comment on iTunes soon.



  2. admin says:

    Dear Mr. Chase

    Comment capitalization is implemented in the version currently under testing. We do all necessary in order to eliminate every possible crash, tank you about your tip concerning transfers.

    The auto completion functionality is under development.

    Thank you for your valuable feedback.


  3. Jim Chase says:

    Sounds great. I just discovered a significate bug I thought you would like to know exists. When an envelope entry is deleted the funds are not returned to the envelope. I discovered this when I entered an expense that an error and then removed it the total available budget was incorrect because the amount deleted was not returned to the envelope. I beleve this is also a problem with deleting envelope transfers.


  4. carrie says:

    I bought this app, and I Have loved it so far. However, it is now time to update my wallets and every time that it trys to update my wallets it crashes and unexpectedly crashes. Do you have a new version to download???

  5. admin says:

    Dear Mrs. Bailey

    Yes, we have submitted the new updated and corrected version already, it shall be available on Appstore within one week or two.

    Best Regards
    Development Team

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